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Photos: Shiite Cleric Arrested in Ashura Released

2017-10-12 - 3:36 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini security authorities released on Wednesday (October 11, 2017) Shiite cleric Sayed Ali Al-Mousawi after 9 days on his arrest.

The authorities arrested Al-Mousawi on October 2 and presented him to the Public Prosecution that decided to arrest him for two weeks pending investigation and transferred him to the Dry Dock Pirson.

Yesterday, Al-Mouswi called his family and asked them to come and take him.

Activists published photos for citizens congratulating Al-Mousawi on his release.

The security authorities launch a wide campaign against Shia majority; they are summoning and arresting a number of Shiite clerics over charges of assembling and inciting hatred against the regime.

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