Case of 5 Suspects Accused of Hiding Wanted over Political Cases Adjourned to Call Attesting Witness

2017-10-12 - 2:44 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Criminal Court decided to summon the attesting witness in a case that comprises 5 suspects accused of hiding wanted and convicts over political cases, and adjourned the case until November 8, to listen to the witness testimonies.

The authorities claim that they reached the first suspect through their confidential sources and knew that the first suspect hid wanted and convicts in his house in Al-Malikiya. The house was raided and the suspects were arrested. The first suspect admitted the crime and confessed that the second suspect received a phone call from a person known as "Al-Bouni" and was with him at that time, "Al-Bouni" asked the suspects to provide him with a place to hide wanted individuals and gave them some time to think about the matter.

After a while, the first suspect suggested to hide them in an apartment he owns in Al-Mailikiya and took the wanted to the place. The suspects cooperated to provide the wanted food and drinks.

The Public Prosecution referred the 5 suspects to trial after it charged the suspects from the first till the third with hiding, along with another unknown, the first and second suspects who are sentenced to temporal and life time prison terms, through hiding them in the first suspect's house and helping them.

The prosecution accused the fourth and fifth suspects of taking part with the other suspects through agreeing with them and not telling them that they are sentenced to prison terms.

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