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Civil Service Bureau: 2045 Employed in Public Sector out of 9725 Applicants in 2016

2017-10-11 - 9:49 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Civil Service Bureau in Bahrain said that it employed 2045 unemployed persons out of 9725 who applied for employment in 2016.

The Bureau pointed out that those who submitted the applications were 6123 among university degree holders and 3602 among high school certificate holders and lower degrees. The government agencies requested the announcement of 862 vacancies, but advertisements for 78 vacancies were made and announcements for 784 vacancies through the job information center. The total number of candidates for these jobs was 4773 candidates; however, 2045 of them were employed by government agencies, noting that one job may employ more than one employee depending on the number required per job and according to the organizational structure,

As for the waiting period of applicants to government agencies, the service bureau said that according to what is adopted in the service bureau, the nomination is made from the job information center database within two years from the date of submission of the applicant and upon the end of this period, the applicant will be required to renew his application and update his information, academic qualifications and experience, adding them to his file in order to be taken into account during the nomination process.


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