Appeals Court Adjourns 11 Cases against “Mnarfezhom” until November 8

2017-10-11 - 4:21 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Second Criminal Appeals Court adjourned until November 8th 11 appeals filed by owner of "Mnarefzhom" account and editor of videos circulated on the account. The two defendants had appealed against the verdicts issued against them. The defendants were accused of insulting the victims and misusing communication means.

A group of verdicts was issued against "Mnarfezhom" over posting tweets and videos on Twitter and Instagram against people and he was accused of seeking to forcibly overthrow the regime in Bahrain. The First Instance court had issued 3 verdicts against the account owner, sentencing him 7 months in prison with 500 BD bail for terminating the execution of the sentences. The court sentenced the defendant to 2 months in prison on 200 BD bail over the first case and 2 months on 100 BD bail over the second. It also sentenced him to 3 months in prison on 200 BD bail over a third case.

A notice was received from the Anti-Economic Crimes Directorate in the General Directorate of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security stating that there are several accounts on social media outlets (Twitter and Instagram), on top an account named "Mnarfezhom", and that these accounts are posting videos and issues that incite hatred against the regime and ruling system, threaten internal peace, insult government's institutions, publish confidential information and security reports and insult a number of people. Investigations led to the user of these accounts, thus, the prosecution ordered to arrest him and search his domicile as well as the place he uses in order to post these tweets and videos. The defendant was arrested in one of the offices prepared to make these videos and publish them. Another individual was arrested with him, it was noted that he was the editor of these videos.

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