Court Upholds 6-Year Prison Sentence against Kalashnikov Owner who Exchanged Weapon with 13 grams of “Ice”

2017-10-06 - 11:34 p

Bahrain Mirror: A 34-year-old man, known was arrested in an ambush as he was exchanging a Kalashnikov assault rifle for 13 grams of the drug known as Ice (meth). He was sentenced to five years in prison and fined 500 dinars for having possession of arms and ammunition, and one-year imprisonment and fined 1000 dinars for drug abuse.

The police had ambushed the appellant in collaboration with a trusted secret source. The convicted man was seeking a buyer for his Kalashnikov, and was offered 13 grams of "Ice" in exchange for it.

The convicted man thought about the offer and did not hesitate to accept it. He asked the secret source to come to the eastern Riffa area to receive the weapon.

In the agreed time and place, the convicted man showed up and handed over the weapon and 28 rounds of ammunition from the window of his car to the said source. The latter informed him that the drug was elsewhere and that he would contact him later to agree on the place of meeting. After a while, the source called the Kalashnikov owner and asked to meet him to receive the amount of drugs they agreed upon, and once he received the stimulant drug, he was taken into custody.

Upon searching the man's home, two boxes were found containing 75 rounds of ammunition used for the same confiscated weapon and one bullet used for a pistol.
It has been proven from the analysis of a sample taken from the appellant's body that it contained traces of cannabis as well as methamphetamine and clonazepam.

The convicted man confessed that he has been addicted to "Ice" since 1997 and that the weapon belonged to his cousin, who intended to hand over to the police. He further stated that he had offered it for sale for only 800 dinars, so one day, a person called (the secret source) and negotiated the amount with him, and greed to exchange arms with the amount of " Ice".


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