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Prominent HR Activist Nabeel Rajab’s Case Adjourned until Dec. 15

2016-11-16 - 7:15 p

Bahrain Mirror: President of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) and prominent human rights activist Nabeel Rajab objected to the assignment of an expert who works at the Bahraini Interior Ministry. Rajab wondered how this expert is assigned to examine the social media account and submit a report pivotal to the court sentence to be issued when he is an Interior Ministry employee! For the Ministry of Interior Affairs itself is the party that raised charges against Rajab.

The Fifth High Criminal Court, presided over by Judge Ebrahim Al-Zayed, decided to adjourn Rajab's case to December 15, 2016, until the HR activist's attorney enters Rajab's defense.

Rajab's attorney Jalila Al-Sayed who was present alongside the BCHR president during today's court hearing (November 16, 2016) requested that the court reverse its decision appointing a Interior Ministry employee as an expert since he is affiliated to the opponent in this case.

The said expert stated during the hearing that he will submit the report within 10 days.

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